RMI 632.1, iMow, Robotic Mower (3000m2)


The MI 632 robotic mower: New standards in mowing

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Equipped with dynamic mowing plan and intelligent charging system, the MI 632 mows lawns up to 3,000 m² within a short time. You say when, iMow: A lawn area of 1,000 m² for example within just 15 hours a week. Within a set timeframe (the so-called active time) it decides wehter to catch up with an aborted mowing operation at a later date (e.g. in case of rain).

Battery type Li-Ionen 130 Wh Accu 29 V
Average mowing time min 1) 90
Sound power level LwA dB(A) 2) 63
Cutting height (15 steps) mm 20-60
Cutting width cm 28
Product weight kg 13
Device (L/W/H) cm 73 x 54 x 27
Measured workplace LpA dB(A) 48
Uncertainty factor dB(A) 3
  • 1) Per battery charge
  • 2) Does not come under the Noise Emissions Guideline 2000/14/EC



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