There are three types of equipment offering a complete solution to the various needs encountered in the care of a lawn. In fact, the ability of the turf to flourish will depend not least on the machine used to cut the grass. In practice, the use of the right appliance will make work in the garden more relaxing and pleasurable and bring better results. Here, we look at the best way to go about making a choice.

The brushcutter
An essential item, on any surface near obstructions (low walls, fences, steps, etc.), or where the ground is uneven or on a steep gradient.
This machine is used to cut grass, weeds, brush and scrub in areas not accessible with other machines. Certain brushcutters, when fitted with particular accessories, can also be used for pruning high and low growth on trees and orchard plants, for clipping medium-high hedges and for cultivating small vegetable plots.

The lawnmower
Lawnrnowers are adaptable to different types of surface. Simply select the most suitable type from the models available: models for hobbyists (small lawns, gardens), and models for professionals, indispensable when working large areas and on irregular lawns with depressions or ridges. Some models are self- propelling, which makes for greater operator comfort when mowing large expanses, and working on slopes or slightly uneven soils.
If the lawnmower is equipped with a mulching kit, the need to dispose of clippings is largely eliminated, since these are finely fragmented and strewn on the turf, retaining moisture and essential nutrients.

The garden tractor

These offer the ideal solution for large gardens, and for park and public green spaces. Sturdily built and easy to handle, machines of this type have a small turning circle to simplify manoeuvres in amongst plants and shrubs. They generally have a side or rear outlet duct for connection to a grass catcher. Like lawnmowers, certain models of garden tractor can be converted by means of a simple kit to operate in mulching mode.

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